Caring for your best friend is an honor.

Your Columbus Dog Walker was founded in 2021 by owner Curtis Brown as a way to provide quality pet care services to the people of Columbus. He began providing services privately over 5 years ago and decided to open his services up to the public in response to the pandemic. Since its creation, we have grown to serve over 50 dogs, 20 cats, and a bird. We are certified Pet CPR/First Aide certified and we are also a Fear Free Pet Sitter. All of our services are insured though Pet Sitters Associates.

Caring for your best friend is an honor. Trust your friend with the best.


Insured Through Pet Sitters Associates


Certified in Current Pet CPR and First Aid Skills


Experience with Long-term Care such as: Seizures, Insulin Management, Dysplasia

Shiloh (Left), Georgia (Right)

Georgia is my little princess and was adopted through SPOT (Morgon County) in late 2013. I believe that she is a mix of Shar-Pei and either Labrador or American Bull Dog. Georgia was brought to SPOT with an extremely damaged front limb and unfortunately they had no choice but to remove the limb, so Georgia is a tripaw. The silver lining is that that happened when she was very young and has adapted quite well.

Having spent over two years with SPOT Georgia is extremely affectionate with people and also very quick to grow anxious in their absence. She loves to play with Shiloh (and other dogs) and to go on walks, but her missing limb means that she has to exert more energy for activities and so she tires out quickly.

She is absolutely terrified of thunderstorms and will run into the bedroom during even a moderate rain.

(also known as Princess, Georgia Peach, Georgie)

Shiloh is the newest member of our pack and was adopted in 2019. Originally planned as a temporary foster, Shiloh was found by a member of my local Nextdoor community wandering the streets. It's always a challenging bringing a complete unknown into your home but fortunately Shiloh was very laid back when it comes to interacting with other dogs: with people Shiloh was much less easy-going. He was extremely timid and would run if you tried to pet him or interact with him in any way.

After quickly integrating Shiloh into the pack my first priority was getting him seen by a veterinarian to make sure there were no issues. With no medical history he had to go through a whole round of vaccinations. I knew Shiloh was still intact but during the vaccinations it was determined that Shiloh was suffering from cryptorchidism (an undescended testicle) and neutering him would require a more complicated surgery.

My spouse and I discussed the investment and how we would feel spending so much money and then adopting a dog we were quickly falling in love with to someone else so of course Shiloh became a permanent addition. While he's still somewhat timid Shiloh has grown more comfortable around people and loves to snuggle.

(also known as Shy Shy, Shy Guy, and Stink Bug)
Photo of Gia


Gia was my first dog as an adult. We had a little bit of a rough start, but once we got settled we were inseparable. Most people would say that Gia was a “perfect dog” even though she would occasionally roll in her own poop and freak out my roommates. She put up with a lot as I was learning who I was and I grew into the adult I am today partly because of her. She lived to a very old age and unfortunately passed away in 2012 due to cancer. To this day I still get a tear in my eye thinking of her.

(also known as the absolute best good girl ever)
Photo of Caswell


Caswell was adopted from the Franklin County Animal Shelter in 2011. A Beagle and Labrador mix, Caswell's favorite thing was his GoughNut donut-shaped chew toy resisted his every attempt at destruction. Caswell had his host of quirks like most shelter dogs, but he was quick to love every human he met and was always ready for a snuggle.

In late 2020 Caswell developed idiopathic seizures that quickly escalated to the point that he had little time between seizures for recovery. When medication failed to help control the seizures we had to make the unfortunate and heartbreaking decision to say goodbye.

(also known as Bubbies, Bubber Puppers, and Caswell Reginald James Nathaniel Humperdink)